Training 4.0

KS Gleitlager introduces digital report booklet

Seriously. Writing training reports on paper is so yesterday. At KS Gleitlager GmbH in Papenburg, trainees now file their reports in digital format. In fact, they've been producing their activity reports on an online platform ever since last summer.

This puts the Rheinmetall subsidiary on the cutting edge of companies that train young people in this part of Germany. Until now, only a handful of companies in the district of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Ostfriesland and Papenburg used electronic report booklets. This has been allowed since October 2017, provided that the company and the trainees agree to it in the training contract. Hannelore Sartorius, in charge of training at KS Gleitlager, sees nothing but advantages here: "The digital report booklet simplifies numerous work steps and reduces the manual effort involved when exchanging test papers, for example".

At present, KS Gleitlager is training 32 young people in nine different vocations. All of them record their activities and newly acquired knowledge online. To do this, they simply enter their user name and password to access the new report platform. The responsible trainer receives an e-mail notification each time a new report is submitted, and can sign off on it with a mouse click. Whether analog or digital, the report booklet plays an important role in the training process. It documents the trainee's progress, and must be presented at the final exam.

The electronic report booklet is popular with trainees at KS Gleitlager. Lina Ramann, who is training to be an industrial clerk at the auto parts maker, makes this clear: "Since I spend a lot of time at the computer anyway, it's much easier for me to incorporate the reports into my daily work routine, and to finish them faster." Even those trainees who are learning the nuts and bolts of the business on the shop floor, and who normally don't have much to do with computers, benefit here, as Dieter Abeln, responsible for technical training in Papenburg, explains: "We've set up new computer workstations especially for our trainees."