Position #1 among Top 10 benchmark companies

Rheinmetall Automotive receives award as Top 10 Benchmark Company from Hongqiao Government

At a recent award ceremony hosted by the Hongqiao CBD (Central Business District) Top 10 Benchmark companies in the area were honored.

Rheinmetall Automotive was awarded the top position. Other companies that received the award included Unilever, Eaton, ToToLe, etc. Rheinmetall Automotive was awarded because of the good sales performance in 2018 and sustainable positive growth after settling down in Hongqiao CBD.

The ceremony took place at Hongqiao Vanke center. Peter Willemsen, President of Rheinmetall Automotive in China, held a speech representing the awarded companies and Jiang Wen, Vice President and CFO of the company, held interviews with many media representatives. 

“It was a great honor for us to receive this award from Hongqiao government. We are proud of our achievements in China, in particular during a challenging time for the automotive industry”, said Willemsen. He added: “In the past years, Rheinmetall Automotive achieved sustainable growth, we are also confident to pass over the pandemic year, and looking into further growth in the Chinese market.”