The Cradle of the American Auto

The Auburn Hills site in the metropolitan region of Detroit

Rheinmetall has been present in the USA since 1978. Located about 30 miles from Detroit, the Rheinmetall Automotive NA Tech Center in Auburn Hills today serves as the headquarters for North America.

Directly nearby, Henry Ford established mass production with his Model T. And even today, the industry giants – Ford, General Motors and the American subsidiary of Fiat-Chrysler – maintain their headquarters there. Which is why the town is also called “The Motor City” or “Motown.” Meanwhile, the changes affecting the US automobile industry have left their mark on Detroit: from the 1.8 million inhabitants that once lived there in 1950, no more than 670,000 remain.

Rheinmetall Automotive North American Tech Center

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Employees: ca. 100

Revenue: 440 Mio. EUR (Rheinmetall Automotive in North America) 


Nevertheless, the metropolitan region with its 4.5 million total inhabitants is still the economic and cultural heart of Michigan even today. The theater and music scene rivals that of New York and numerous museums – many of them with industrial historical background – attract 15 million tourists to Detroit each year. “Motown” also has something to offer in terms of cuisine: the diversity of its inhabitants is in no small measure reflected by the very wide variety of restaurants, for example, in the Greektown or Mexican Town districts.