The E-Team at “Formula Student”

Almost without a sound, the A40-02 races down the track. In less than four seconds, the two 55 kW electric motors take the 274 kg bolide from zero to 100 km/h. Only the squealing of the tires as the racing car took the curves broke the complete silence on the track.

It was a proud moment. Last fall, the students of the University of Duisburg-Essen presented their current model at KSPG’s Neuss plant. They had developed and engineered the racing car entirely on their own. Plenty of inspiration and perspiration had gone into the E-Team’s A40-02 electric speedster. The students had even taken charge of the financing and marketing. After all, with Formula Student, it's the complete package that counts. From the technical design and the business plan to the results on the track, the engineering competition evaluation takes everything into account. This is why the E-Team is made up of students from a variety of academic disciplines, ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering to business administration. The E-Team is actually one of Formula Student’s smaller teams. The core team consists of around 15 members, though during intensive phases as many as 40 students take part in the project. To do so, they have to sacrifice what little leisure time they have, since everything has to be done alongside their full course loads and part-time jobs. But it pays off and it’s an experience that looks great on their résumés. In the Formula Student contest, the students get a chance to develop and demonstrate skills that will be vital in their future careers. As it happens, a number of former team members went directly to work for the premium sponsor KSPG.

Moving into the fast lane with KSPG

KSPG has been supporting the E-Team for five years now—and not just with financial backing, but with know-how too. Located just 40 minutes from the university, at Pierburg’s Neuss plant, the students can talk shop with KSPG employees and pick up valuable advice. Incidentally, it was in Neuss that special parts from the prototype were produced for the wheel assembly of the current A40-02 racing car. In 2016, the team plans to take part in at least one competition, either Formula Student Czech or Formula Student Hungary. They aim to win 438 points, which would put them in the upper third of the competition—and they’re putting the pedal to the metal!