Promotors mean greater proximity to customers

A successful concept keeps on growing

At Motorservice, Rheinmetall Automotive’s spare parts specialist, special promotors form an additional interface to customers. These technically versed employees are active in various countries, interacting directly with wholesalers and auto repair shops. They provide quick, competent advice and defined service support, acting as a direct communication link between wholesalers and their local branches as well to auto repair shop customers.

Introduced in 2010, the Promotors Concept has proved to be highly successful.  In the meantime, it continues to expand, with additional promotors being hired.

“Our promotors have the advantage of knowing the local language and understanding the local culture. Because they’re always on location, they know what’s going on in their countries and can react quickly.  So far, all we’ve had is positive feedback about the concept”, reports Hansjörg Rölle, one of the division’s top aftermarket executives. In addition to its existing promotors in Poland and Russia, since 2016 the division has had special employees in Italy, Hungary, Turkey and South Africa. Others have joined the team in the United States, Chile, and the Balkans, as well as in Morocco and Tunisia. With the hiring of an additional person in Russia, the company now has a total of twelve promotors in eleven countries.

Proximity to the “Point of Repair”

Promotors act as the long arm of the regional sales director, supporting customers in their daily operations. This can involve the identification of spare parts, for example, as well as obtaining market information and determining training requirements in auto repair shops. Furthermore, these highly trained employees conduct in-depth training courses on their own, and keep customers informed about the latest Motorservice products and services. In their capacity as local contact persons, they also appear at customer tradeshows, customer events, and at wholesalers. Motorservice differentiates between promotors who specialize in resolving technical problems and those whose expertise relates more to sales-oriented topics.

The technical promotors are first and foremost in charge of carrying out local training programs and overcoming technical problems during installation of Motorservice products directly in the repair shops. In addition, these promotors identify market-specific requirements and pass these on to the responsible product managers.

The more sales-oriented promotors provide in-depth sales supports and conduct local marketing activities. They make use of their local contacts in order to encourage the purchase of Motorservice products at retail and wholesale level as well as in repair shops.