Latvian roots, a tropical vibe

KSPG Automotive Brazil’s plant in Nova Odessa

For over fifty years, Rheinmetall has been producing pistons in Brazil, and at its plant in Nova Odessa for over thirty.

This small town is located around 100 kilometers northwest of São Paulo in the catchment area of Campinas, the nearest major metropolis.  Nova Odessa was founded in 1905 by Carlos Botelho, the agriculture minister of the state of São Paulo. The first successful settlers came from Latvia, though the town is actually named after the Ukrainian port city of Odessa on the Black Sea, which Botelho had visited. The region proved difficult to farm, and the first settlers experienced great hardship. During the course of the 20th century, how-ever, the situation improved and prosperity grew. Today, Nova Odessa boasts a rich cultural life and is an economic success story. The town’s per capita income significantly exceeds the Brazilian average. Rheinmetall has done its bit here: In 2018, the Group’s Brazilian subsidiary, KSPG Automotive Brazil Ltda., generated sales of over 150 million euros at its Nova Odessa location, which now employs 1,350 people, more than a 1,100 of whom work in the Pistons unit.

KSPG Automotive Brazil Ltda.

  KS Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Pump Technology MS Motorservice
Sales 101.5 Mio. EUR 27.7 Mio. EUR 30.1 Mio. EU
Employees 1,132 128 84