KSPG China wins Green Innovation Award

Prize for electric engine and battery pack

In the autumn of Shanghai, the "China Automotive and Parts Industry Development Innovation Award" organized by the Chinese trade magazine Automobile & Parts was held in Xintiandi. This year, KSPG (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was awarded the Green Innovation Award for the latest innovative technology, with its 90kW electric drive module and battery system. This is another recognition for Rheinmetall Automotive of its activities in the field of electromobility.

Automobile & Parts has been founded 36 years ago and is a specialized magazine in the field of automotive components. The event was started in 2013, and has been held for 5 consecutive years for the recognition of outstanding technology in automotive industry. For the ceremony, "Auto and Parts" invited PricewaterhouseCoopers, IHS senior experts to share their great insights on the automotive industry in the era of change and to discuss the future development trend of automotive technology.

KSPG, now renamed as Rheinmetall Automotive, is committed to reduce emissions in all kind of mobility solutions. Its products cover not only the traditional internal combustion engine like exhaust gas recirculation systems, secondary air valves, cooling pumps as well as cylinder heads and pistons, which are world leading technology, but also new energy vehicles and pure electric vehicle products in recent years.