An Industrial Hub in the Heart of Europe

Rheinmetall Automotive sites in the Czech Republic

A multitude of traffic arteries – rivers, highways and railroads – all come together at Ústí nad Labem. Nestled in the picturesque valley of the River Elbe, this northern Bohemian town is slightly less than fifty kilometers south of Dresden and about an hour by car north of Prague.

With just under 93,000 inhabitants, it forms the heart of one of the Czech Republic’s largest industrial regions. The name derives from the Old Czech word ‘ustie’, which means the mouth of a river, and it’s here where the River Bílina flows into the Elbe; ‘nad Labem’ means on ‘the Elbe’ in Czech. The city has benefitted from its location since time immemorial. As early as 1056, it was mentioned as a marketplace, acceding to the coveted status of royal city in the 13th century. Ústí nad Labem thrived during the Industrial Revolution, when textile and paper mills set up shop and brown coal was first mined in the region. In the process, the city profited from its status as an important transshipment point between river and road transport.

Rheinmetall Automotive in the Czech Republic

KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, A.S.Pierburg S.R.O.KS CZ MS Motorservice S.R.O.

Dulni 362, 400 04 Trmice

K Pierburgu 1/455, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

Smetanova 716, 403 17 Chabarovice

Headcount:940 42287
Sales (2017):130 million EUR227 million EUR7 million EUR

Mobility continues to play an important part in the city’s economic prosperity. Two factories belonging to KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic a.s. – Pierburg s.r.o and KS CZ Motorservice s.r.o – make a vital contribution here. This is particularly true of the piston plant, which, with a staff of nearly a thousand, is a major employer in the region, simultaneously playing a central role in Rheinmetall Automotive’s pistons business.