Motorservice’s Promotor Concept

Thanks to its “Promotors,” Motorservice has established exceptionally close contacts with dealers and end customers in recent years. Starting with the wholesalers and their retail outlets and branching out to individual auto repair shops, Rheinmetall Automotive’s spare parts and engine component specialists offer expert support on location—and always in the local language.

Turning out some 250 completely overhauled engines every year as well as performing hundreds of smaller repairs, Auto Szlif 24 in Czestochowa, Poland, is a well-established auto repair shop. Located around 40 kilometers north of Katowice, the town is better known for the Black Madonna icon in Jasna Góra (“bright mountain”) monastery, which attracts millions of pilgrims each year; but Czestochowa’s population of 230,000 is large enough to keep Michal Mrozinski’s auto repair shop pretty busy.

40 years of quality thinking

Founded by his father almost forty years ago, the shop’s current boss operates under the motto “Quality pays off.” Maybe that’s why Mrozinski places his trust in spare parts from Motorservice: “When you choose KS or BF, you never lose any sleep.”

Interface to the customer

Motorservice Promotor Jakub Pojmicz stops by a few times a year. He has explained the technical documentation to Mrozinski, as well as the electronic catalogue and even the new app for smartphones, which are all very popular now. And while he’s at it, the Motorservice Promotor finds out about requirements at repair shop level. In turn, these insights often help him when he’s dealing with Polish wholesalers and their retail outlets at roughly 600 sales locations. After all, schooling sales representatives and organizing sales events and product presentations are a big part of his job.

Overhauled better than used

As a Promotor, he’s the one in closest contact with end customers. As Pojmicz explains, “Plenty of motorists in our country prefer to have their car repaired by experts or, if necessary, to have the engine overhauled by specialists like Mrozinski. They figure it’s a better bet than buying a used engine when they can’t even be sure where it’s from.” And this doesn’t apply solely to Poland, which imports about a million used cars every year, and where in 2016 fewer than 480,000 new vehicles were sold. This is why Promotors are also active in other important repair markets, including Italy, Turkey, and South Africa, which will soon be followed by Hungary, Russia, the USA, and Chile. Service makes the world go round!

(c) pictures: Michal Skowronek