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New Development Center in Silicon Valley

“Silicon Valley” is inextricably known as a leading global center for innovative companies and start-ups with a focus on electronics and information technology. For the last few decades the region has justifiably ranked as a synonym for high-tech developments.

Since the start of the 1950s, the area nested between San Francisco and San Jose has matured from a research and industrial district close to Stanford University into today’s home to 2,000 technology companies, the densest concentration in the world. A disproportionate number of today’s leading technology companies such as Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook, Intel, and Tesla can be found in the just under 4,000 square kilometer region. As a globally renowned technology innovation think tank, Silicon Valley attracts researchers, developers, and businesses from all over the world, who are tapping into this innovative spirit for their products and projects and translating it into fresh ideas and start-ups.

Leading solutions for e-drives

Via its automotive divisions, Rheinmetall also has a research center in the City of Santa Clara, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The mission of the E-Tech Center is to deliver innovative and highly integrated electric powertrain systems. The latest example is the development of a new inverter. Thereby the E-Tech Center is intensively involved in the collaboration with the global teams and their electric mobility research initiatives. According to Dr. Dirk Hunkel, Head of Research & Technology at the Sensors and Actuators division: “Our Silicon Valley Research & Technology Center is primarily focused on research in advanced motor control algorithms and the development of components for power electronics technologies for electric vehicle powertrains.”

25 years of professional experience

Head of the E-Tech Center is Mika Nuotio. The Swedish-born engineer is working closely with the Research & Technology department of the Sens0rs and Actuators division. For 25 years, he has been involved with state-of-the-art research and technology development in the fields of power electronics, semiconductor components, and telecommunications.

Rheinmetall has recognized the signs of the times and is increasingly focusing on electric drive systems

Nuotio is an inventor of numerous power electronics patents, holds a BS in Computer Science, and is an alumni of the Executive Management Program at Stanford University. He states: “My main fascination with the new opportunity is that the automotive divisions of Rheinmetall, whose historical technology leadership has tended to be focused on products for internal combustion engine drivetrains, has correctly responded to the signs of the times by accelerating its technology and product development initiatives for electrified drivetrains. I believe that this mixture of over a century’s track record as a leading supplier of technologically differentiated products to the automotive industry, supplemented by innovative approaches and technologies, will deliver sound and marketable results for our customers.