An Intercultural Culinary Voyage

Dining under the banner of diversity

Inspired by the Charter of Diversity, German Diversity Day was celebrated for the sixth time in 2018. Rheinmetall recognizes the advantages of having a diverse staff. To make the topic of diversity even more tangible, Rheinmetall Automotive came up with a decidedly appetizing idea.

In launching a major cookbook project, the Group has embarked on a culinary voyage around the world. “We definitely wanted to make the connection to everyday diversity here, and get all of the people who work here involved in the project”, explains Ramona Hofmann, Diversity Manager at Rheinmetall.

Favorite recipes in book form

Using internal communication channels, the Group urged everyone to take part in the diversity cookbook project by submitting their favorite recipes, complete with pictures. Lots of Rheinmetall employees answered the call – and their efforts were rewarded: On German Diversity Day, everyone who submitted a recipe received a cookbook. Those who joined in the multifaceted activities of the Hardparts and Aftermarket divisions were also presented with a copy of the high-quality, attractively bound book, which is packed with great recipes.  

Tastes differ

How does the cookbook fit in with the concept of diversity? “The recipes are many-sided, coming from a multitude of different countries, and reflect our varied tastes”, says Hofmann. “People pick out whatever suits them best. That’s everyday diversity.” Nor is the cookbook’s popularity confined to Automotive; other parts of the Rheinmetall Group are showing an interest in it, too. Who knows, maybe this elegant, professionally designed book will form the cornerstone of a whole series of others like it … there’s certainly no shortage of great recipes from around the world.   

Diversity at Rheinmetall

For the Rheinmetall Group, diversity doesn’t just point the way forward, it’s an essential part of our corporate culture. The term isn’t limited to the percentage of women in the workforce, but is designed to combat all forms of discrimination in the workplace, promoting equal opportunity across the board. As part of its efforts to nurture diversity, the Rheinmetall Group signed the German government’s Charter of Diversity in April 2017, which promotes recognition, acknowledgment and inclusion of diversity in the workplace. As a result, diversity events now take place throughout the entire Rheinmetall Group.