A healthy Workforce, a healthy Bottomline

A big plus for the staff – and for the company

Rheinmetall Automotive AG has been sponsoring corporate health management measures for years, systematically contributing to the overall wellbeing of its employees. After all: being healthy isn’t just important to us as individuals, it’s also a significant factor in corporate success.

Ever since 2010, health management has formed an integral part of our corporate culture – firmly anchored in the works agreement, no less. The program’s mainstays include health promotion, addiction prevention, workplace health and safety, and the reintegration of employees returning to working following a serious illness or injury. Under the rubric of health promotion, employees are presented with a wide spectrum of health-inducing measures. These range from back and spine exercise courses to Nordic walking and advice on proper nutrition. “Almost every one of our plants in Germany holds Health Days once or twice a year focusing on topics such as preventing back pain, coping with stress, and eating correctly”, reports Kristina Till, who as Health Manager at KS Kolbenschmidt has a handle on what’s going on at plants all over Germany. “The Health Days have been very well received. But other activities have turned out to be very popular with the staff, too, including skin cancer screening at our various locations, sports at lunchtime, driver safety training, and joining a running group.”

A well-rounded concept with four pillars

Not always on the staff’s radar screen but nevertheless an indispensable component of holistic health management, the company’s addiction prevention workshops also merit special mention. They draw up plans for preventing addiction in the first place as well as way of buffering the impact of addiction, while information campaigns sensitize the staff to the issue. Conversely, workplace health and safety focuses first and foremost on keeping employees safe while on the job and improving the work environment. The company’s health management activities also embrace the reintegration of employees into active working life after a prolonged illness.